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If you ask a question and trust the answer will come


Tarot readings

TAROT is a way of answering questions you might have in your life.

It works by accessing information stored in the collective unconscious – known as the Akashic Records.

There are many different decks of Tarot cards. I prefer Osho Zen Tarot for the way it guides each person to find their own way without set rules and regulations

Each one of us has to find their own way on their journey. When having a reading it is nice to understand that you are the one answering your own questions.

All that a reading does is to allow the person doing the reading to tell you the answer or answers you have arrived at.

You will shuffle the pack of 79 cards then spread them out - which gives you an easy way to choose your cards – with your left hand because it is your intuitive side. You will be asked to pick a certain number of cards, depending on what you are asking yourself.

As the Tarot reader, I will explain a five-card spread, known as the Diamond. The cards you choose are laid out with the first card at the centre. This is the issue. The second card is placed to the left. This is what is driving the issue. The third card is placed to the right and is what is coming from the issue. The fourth card is put at the bottom, under the first card. This is what is needed for the resolution of the issue. The fifth card is placed above the first one. This denotes the resolution and understanding of the question.

The reader then interprets the answer YOU have chosen to your own question. The cards are just tools, a way of accessing answers to the questions you might have.

What the reader is doing is interpreting the deeper, intuitive meaning you have found for yourself. You are guiding yourself and not being dictated to by anyone.

The main precursor to these questions is how willing you are to take responsibility for all your choices and actions. Only then are you in control of your life.

This deck of cards and many others are available to be bought at larger bookshops or online. They come with a book that explains how to do your own readings and interpret the cards you choose.

If you ask a question and Trust the answer will come, it will!

Free Tarot Readings

Free Tarot Readings at The Queens Head Chislehurst Every Thursday from 6:30pm

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